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ExpressionEngine Features
« on: May 16, 2012, 03:22:26 PM »
Multiple Channels/Site Sections
ExpressionEngine supports an unlimited number of channels. You can separate your channels into independent pages, or you can put multiple channels on the same page.
Custom Entry Fields
Each section can have its own unique set of entry fields. These can be input boxes, pull-down menus or textareas.
Search Engine Friendly URLs
The URLs produced by ExpressionEngine do not contain query strings which are disliked by search engines. Rather, they mimic the directory structure of static sites.
Custom Statuses
Create editorial work-flow by creating statuses that you can assign your entries to, like "first draft", "revision", "final edit", etc. You can color-code them too.
Multiple Categories
Each entry can be assigned to multiple categories, and you can create as many unique category groups as you want.
RSS and ATOM Syndication
With RSS, your content can be made available for syndication. ExpressionEngine supports all major syndication formats, including the new Atom format.
Moblog Publishing
Email weblog entries and photos to ExpressionEngine using your mobile phone or email program.
You can create relationships between entries in different sections of your site, enabling information to be shared.
Entry Versioning
The Entry Versioning feature lets you save previous revisions of your weblog entries, so you never lose any edits you make.
Multi-Entry Editing
This feature permits multiple entries to be edited at one time, saving you time.
Entry View Tracking
You can track up to four "zones" per entry so see where your entries are being viewed.
Ping Servers
Each user can define their own servers to ping when new entries are added.
HTML Formatting Buttons
Each user can store their own formatting elements that are available at the click of a button.
URL Titles
Each weblog entry can be given a "human friendly" title for use with your comments or your permalink page.
Sticky Topics
Weblog entries can be made "sticky", forcing them to always show up at the top of the page.
Future Entries
You can post entries into the future and they won't appear on your site until that date.
Expiring Entries
You can set an expiration date and your entries will be removed from your site automatically on that date.
This feature allows your users to view older entries by clicking "next" and "previous" page links.
Article Pagination
You can split your articles into multiple pages.
Image and File Uploading
Upload to multiple destinations, and limit uploads to specific user groups.
Image Resizing and Thumbnailing
ExpressionEngine lets you resize images and create thumbnails, with support for the three major image manipulation protocols: GD, NetPBM, andImageMagick.
Image and File Browsing
View your uploaded images in the convenient File Browser
Add "smileys" to your weblog entries and comments.
Post entries using a convenient bookmarklet.

User Commenting System
A full-featured user commenting system is built in, supporting advanced features like moderation, membership, and the most full-featured anti-spam protection available.
Comment Membership
You can choose to require membership to post comments, or allow non-registered commenting.
Comment Moderation
You can optionally make user comments subject to admin approval.
Comment Expiration
Allow comments for a set period of time after each entry is posted.
Comment Pagination
This feature allows your comments to spread across multiple pages to avoid very large pages.